EyeDirect   Easyrig   Steadicam Solo with Vest & Arm

The Eye Direct System allows a person to look directly down the lens of the camera and see the interviewer at the same time. Direct address makes viewers feel a more intimate connection to contributors who seem to be confiding in them ‘directly’ instead of looking off-camera at the interviewer/producer.

(Not available for dry hire)


The Easyrig 5 Vario system delivers steady hand held shots while relieving strain on your back, neck and shoulders.

Camera weight is redistributed to the hips allowing you to shoot hand held for long periods of time. Easyrig is perfectly suited to handheld reality shooting, documentary and music promos.

My F5 camera can be a heavy rig with the long Cabrio cine zoom, daylight monitor, etc. Without the easyrig, I wouldn’t be able to get those long fluid shots that people love.

Easyrig isn’t intended to be used instead of steadicam; it’s not a camera stabiliser. That said, footage looks like a blend between steadicam and a hand held look.

(Not available for dry hire)


The Oscar winning Steadicam has revolutionising the face of film and television worldwide. No other piece of equipment has ever added so much to the vocabulary of camera movement.

Steadicam isolates the camera from the motion of the operator; allowing a camera to float smoothly over stairs, rough ground, through crowds, and other difficult locations bringing the viewer into the action.

Steadicam Solo is just like the bigger Steadicams, it has a vest, arm, monotor and sled with the same gimbal as the high-end models.

Solo is perfectly suited to the Sony FS5 camera.

(Not available for dry hire)



Jibs & Dollies        

Whether moving through a scene, following talent or just adding a bit of movement to an otherwise static interview, dollies and jibs can add smooth motion to many types of shots.