Vintage Camera Prop Hire

My collection of vintage cameras is available for hire as in-vision props.

I supply production companies and individuals with genuine vintage movie cameras and associated equipment.



 Arriflex 16mm  Period - End of 1950's to 1980s

The Arriflex 16S was the go-to 16mm film camera for documentary and TV news. It takes 100ft spools internally or a 400ft external magazine which ran for about eleven minutes.

The Arri 16 has a three-lens turret and is battery operated. It's quite a noisy running camera, so I will supply an audio track of it running for you to drop into the mix.

Comes with Universal/Miller wooden tripod and a shoulder mount for handheld filming.

 Bolex H16 16mm  Period - End of 1940's to 1960s

The Paillard Bolex H16 film camera is a sprung wound 16mm film camera with a three-lens turret. Many early documentaries where shot with Bolex cameras including David Attenborough's first TV series, Life on Earth. Andy Warhol also used a Bolex camera extensevly in the 60s.

The clockwork motor still operates. Once again, I will supply an audio track of  the camera running so you can dropit into the mix. Camera comes with a Bolex lightweight wooden tripod and friction head.

 Bolex 8mm Period - 1959 to1960s


The Bolex Paillard D-L8 is a Swiss made pocket size, high-end home movie camera that cost £162 in 1960, which is the equivalent to £3,600 today.

It is run by a wind up spring motor and was the first amateur camera to have a three-lens turret.
Comes with removable handgrip.

 Kodak Brownie 8mm Period - 1951 to 1960s

The Kodak Brownie was a very popular inexpensive 8mm family movie camera with a long running spring-driven motor and flip up viewfinder.

 Canon 514XL Super 8mm sound Period - 1977 to 1983

The 514 XL-S was the first sound camera from Canon and became of the most popular of Super 8 home movie sound cameras.

It came with a plastic microphone and recorded sound onto a thin magnetic stripe on the edge of the film. This camera became a best seller.

 Polaroid ProPack Period - 1977 to 2013

The Polaroid ProPack is a professional handheld folding instant photo camera.

Professional applications of the Polaroid instant film camera included instant passport / identity photos and continuity photos for reference during movie making.

Made by the inventor of polarized sunglasses, Polaroid cameras became an instant hit.

 Bellows Plate Camera


This bellows plate camera conjures up an early time of photography.

The large capturing lens, red silk cloak and wooden tripod recreates a time long gone.

 Mole Richardson Solar Spot Period - 1940's to 1980's

Known as a mole, this 2Kw light was used extensively in film, TV and theatre.

 Baby Fresnels Period - 1960's to 1980's

Vintage 500W baby fresnel used in stage and film lighting. Manufactured by Major Equipment Ltd, London.

 Redhead Period - 1970's to 1990's

This Ianbeam 800W was generally referred to as redhead. It's a classic location light used by documentary and news crews. Comes with original lightweight stand.




A 1970s clapperboard and a working Weston Master III light meter from the 1950s