My favourite lighting equipment is made by Dedolight who are legendary in the film and TV industry.

LED Dedolights have superior spectral output and extremely high TLCI ratings, which give wonderful skin tones and faithful colour reproduction.

I have an extensive range of Dedolight equipment, all the way from the little DLED3 up to the big 5-foot Panaura softlight and 1.2Kw HMI. I take great pride in owning and using these amazing lights. On the green side, LED lighting is about 20x more efficient than conventional lighting.


LED Focusable

Dedolight LED Focusable fixtures share the same optical properties of the classic Dedolight, evenness of the beam and excellent colour rendition, which doesn't change during dimming.

These Bi-colour LED fixtures are variable from 2,700K - 6,500K, flicker free and can be powered by battery or worldwide voltage from 100V to 240V.

Multi purpose super bright turbo version of the very popular DLED4 - 90W

Similar output to the DLED4 but much smaller - 40W

DLED4-UV 400
Produces a dark purple light to the eye but most of the light emitted is in the invisible ultraviolet range which makes various items glow - (400nm wavelength) 40W



LED Panels    

Designed and specified by Dedolight, these 12-inch high performance Bi-colour LED panels are quick and easy to set-up. They're dimmable and never get hot so breakdown is faster. Felloni lights have dedicated soft boxes and honeycombs.


Turbo Felloni
Turbos are 3 times brighter than the 'high output' Felloni. They are extremely powerful so perfect as a fill light in full daylight situations.

These fixtures are perfect for general interview and location lighting. The low power consumption means I can run for several hours on one battery.

Tecpro LiteFlex
An incredibly lightweight, waterproof and flexible LED panel light. Battery or mains powered

Pocket Ledrama
Each LED of the LedRama changes their colour temperature individually, which maintains a much higher output than other light panels. Most of the others have rows of tungsten and daylight LEDs, so when you mix from daylight to tungsten, the daylight LEDs fade out as the tungsten fades in, so the full output is never achieved. Dedolight LedRama is small and BRIGHT.


HMI Focusable

Dedolight HMI share the distinct clean beam associated with the smaller classic Dedolights. The Dedolight design team received an Oscar as a Scientific and Engineering Award for the development of their Series 400 lighting fixtures.


1.2Kw Dedolight

Balanced to sunlight, the Dedolight 1.2Kw HMI is an invaluable light source for day or night exteriors. The tungsten equivalent of this 1.2Kw HMI fixture is around 5,000 watt.

It’s flicker free electronic ballast allows high speed shooting up to 2,000 frames per second.

The 1.2Kw is a workhorse in the film & TV industry and can be powered from a standard household 13amp socket.

Rainproof construction
Focus range 1:18
Flicker free and dimmable
DMX Controllable



575w Dedolight

This 575 watt HMI is balanced to sunlight. This series 400 gives more light output than anything in its class. The tungsten equivalent of this 575w HMI fixture is around 2,500 watt.

400/575W HMI - DLH400DT
Rainproof construction
Focus angle 50° - 4.5°
Focus range 1:20

650W Tungsten - DLH650
Colour temperature 3200°K
Focus range 1:13


200w Dedolight

The DLH200DT is a 200 watt daylight HMI version of the Classic series that we all know so well. It's very bright, compact and lightweight with the same superior clean beam performance of the larger Series.

The tungsten equivalent of this 200w HMI fixture is around 1,000 watt.

Flicker free and dimmable
Focus range 1:14

Large Surface Softlights    

575w PanAura

Dedolight's PanAura5 is a large surface soft light that is nicknamed "The portable window” and is renowned for its beautiful light character.

PanAura is 5ft wide and just 40cm deep, so provides excellent space saving solutions compared to similar sized soft lights currently available. This allows the use of this big window sized soft light in confined spaces and on location. It’s perfect for commercials, drama or large sets requiring a broad soft source. I like to use it as a down soft light.

Output is double in comparison to a soft box in front of a Fresnel light, because Dedolight placed the light source in the focal point of the reflector.

The DLH400SDT is a dedicated 575w HMI soft light head with perfectly even light distribution and a flicker free dimmable ballast.

The DLH1000SPLUS is a dedicated 1000W soft light head with perfectly even light distribution and dimmer.

I also have a PanAura3 which is 3-foot in diameter.

  PanAura Pete Burns

KinoFlo Select LED

It looks like the classic Diva-lite 400 but it’s the new LED soft light from Kinoflo; it’s full of surprises.

The Kinoflo Select 20 has the familiar Kinoflo form factor and delivers a beautifully soft and gentle light. It’s bi-colour, warm to cool from 2700K to 6500K with consistent output. It has an independent green/magenta control to match poor lighting in offices, etc.

Full RGB mode gives me any colour that I want. It's like having entire gel packs fitted into the light, I just dial in a colour from Rosco or Lee; a world of colour at my fingertips.

Features 32 special lighting effects:
Lightning, Candle, Fire, Paparazzi, Police, TV and colour scroll effects at the press of a button.


Chimera Pancake Lantern

For use with dedicated Dedolight 400W or 200W HMI soft fixtures. Low profile Chimera Pancake Lanterns are wonderful when used overhead as a central soft light for roundtable scenes/interviews. It’s also a great way to fill interior shooting spaces with soft, ambient light.

This Pancake Lantern includes an adjustable black skirt which limits the spread of the light output and adds a dramatic effect between light and shadow.

35" (89cm) square
17" (43cm) deep



The Dedolight LEDZilla is a daylight LED camera light that is fully dimmable with no colour change and it’s flicker free.

Like it’s bigger brothers, the LEDZilla uses Dedolight double aspheric optics, so it's super bright. It has a built in tungsten dichroic filter, barn doors and is fully focusable from 4 to 56 degrees. The flip-up diffuser makes the beam even wider to around 70 degrees.

Power consumption is just 8W at it’s highest setting so it runs on small camera battery for hours.

The most useful addition to the Ledzilla is it’s 5-inch soft box, which delivers a beautiful soft on-camera light. It can also be stand mounted so ideal for traveling with when space is tight.



Projection Attachments

Projection attachments fit to the front of Dedolights. They have a focusable lens and a slot into which accessories such as Gobos are placed. Precision light control what Dedo is famous for.

Gobos are thin metal disks with patterns cut into them capable of creating razor sharp edges.

Framing Shutters
Four shutter blades are used to form geometric shapes of light.

18-leaf iris that closes down smoothly with a lever, maintaining a perfect circle of light, from full flood to tiny pinpoint of light.

Slide Projection
35mm slide projection with vertical and horizontal perspective control.



EFLECT is an amazing organic looking background generator for interviews, product or miniature work.

Some time ago, I presented my ‘background reflector’ idea to Dedo Weigert of Dedolight fame. Working with Dedo and and his amazing team, we developed the idea into a new Dedolight product and named it EFLECT.

The EFLECT system is the textural equivalent of diffusion and works with a selection of newly conceived reflectors, which can be shaped and bent to create reflected textural effects; it has a unique almost 3D look.

EFLECT can be subtle or dramatic depending on the focus position of the light fixture. Generally a wide focus is dramatic while spot is softer. Slight manipulation of EFLECT widens or narrows the reflected beam spread. The system is optimised for use with focusing Dedolights.

My lighting equipment



6 x Dedolight DLED7 Turbo - Focusable


5 x Dedolight DLED3 Turbo - Focusable


1 x Dedolight DLED4 - Focusable





2 x Dedolight Felloni Turbo 12 x 12-inch


1 x Dedocolor Felloni 12 x 12-inch


1 x Dedolight Pocket Ledrama, Bi-colour


1 x Dedolight Tecpro Liteflex 12 x 12-inch flexible, waterproof





1 x Dedolight 1.2kW - DLH1200D - HMI daylight

92 CRI

1 x Dedolight  575w - DLH400DT - HMI daylight or HMI tungsten

92 CRI

4 x Dedolight  200w - DLH200DT - HMI daylight or HMI tungsten

92 CRI



1 x Dedolight PanAura 5-foot, 575w HMI daylight or HMI tungsten

92 CRI

1 x Dedolight PanAura 3-foot, 200w HMI daylight or HMI tungsten

92 CRI

1 x Chimera 3-foot Pancake Lantern, 200w HMI daylight or HMI tungsten

92 CRI





1 x Diva-Lite LED 20, 2-foot soft light. RGB+WW Bi-colour (DMX)




1 x Dedolight DLH650 - Focusable

98 CRI

1 x Dedolight DLH1000S - Dedicated soft light

98 CRI



1 x Lightstream Reflector Set - Grades 1,2,3,4  (50 x 50cm)


1 x Lightstream Reflector Set - Grades 1,2,3,4  (25 x 25cm)


3 x Lightstream Reflector Sets - Grades 1,2,3,4  (10 x 7cm)


1 x Parallel Beam Attachement for Dedolight 1.2kW HMI


1 x Parallel Beam Attachement for Dedolight 575w HMI


2 x Parallel Beam Attachement for Dedolight 200w HMI


1 x Parallel Beam Attachement for Dedolight 650w


2 x Parallel Beam Attachement for Dedolight DLED7


1 x Parallel Beam Attachement for Dedolight DLED3


1 x Dedolight EFLECT Kit, 20 x 20 cm


1 x Dedolight EFLECT Kit, 40 x 40 cm


Dedolight reflector locks, articulating arms, grip heads, ceiling clamps, etc.




1 x Kino Flo Diva-Lite LED 20 LED RGB+WW with gel presets and effects.


1 x Luxli Cello LED RGBAW 24W with gel mode and effects. Mains or Battery


1 x Dedolight Ultraviolet black light DLED4-UV 400 (400nm wavelength) 40W


1 x Chauvet Slim PAR PRO tri (DMX)


1 x Circo LED Ring light 19-inch




2 x Dedolight Ledzilla 2, Bi-colour


1 x Dedolight Pocket Ledrama, Bi-colour




3 x DP for DLED7 & 200 series fixtures


3 x DP1s for DLED3 fixture


4 x DP2 with built-in shutters, for DLED7 & 200 series fixtures


1 x DP3 35mm Slide projector, for DLED7 & 200 series fixtures


1 x DP4 for series 400 fixtures




2 x 50mm


1 x 60mm


6 x 85mm


1 x 100mm


1 x 185mm


Plus a selection of steel gobos, irises, shutter blades and effects glass.




1 x Large butterfly/overhead frame with diffuser and white/silver fabrics (2 x 2m)

1 x Small frame with diffuser fabric (1 x 1m)

3 x Dedolight soft boxes with grids for DLED7 30 x 30 cm


2 x Dedolight honeycomb grids for Felloni Turbos


2 x Dedolight soft boxes with grids for Felloni Turbos 60 x 60 cm


1 x Grid for 5-foot PanAura


1 x Grid for 3-foot PanAura


2 x Scrim frames with single, double, silk and flags 45 x 60 cm


6 x LightBreaks 18 x 12"




1 x Chauvet Fog/Smoke machine, adds texture to air to make light beams visible




6 x Hand painted backgrounds for interviews or product shots


1 x Brilliant white


1 x Black velvet


1 x Reversible Blue / Green Chromakey




Various lightweight and heavy duty stands, C-Stands, boom arms, etc.